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How do you feel about federally-mandated sick days?

Date: 11/21/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Currently, most states allow employers to control the number of sick days they choose to give employees. However, if the National Partnership for Women Families and several activist groups have their way, it would become a federal law, and they’ve vowed to pressure the incoming Congress to do just that.

Recently, San Francisco became the first  city to pass mandated sick time for employees. The new city ordiance which goes into effect in January requires that employers with 10 or fewer workers provide a minimum of five days of paid sick leave. Companies with more than 10 employees must pay for nine sick days a year.
A study by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research says the new requirement will cost San Francisco employers about $34 million a year, but also could help them save $46 million in reduced turnover and other costs.

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