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Registered Agent Service

Date: 12/11/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

All states require that a person be designated in the articles of incorporation/organization to receive service of process or other important documents from the state. This person is called a registered agent. All corporations and LLCs must choose a person to act as their registered agent.

IncParadise offers a unique service that provides entrepreneurs and business owners with the ability to designate an IncParadise affiliate as their corporation’s Registered Agent for purposes of maintaining a continuous physical presence in the state of incorporation.’s Registered Agents forward any official documents from the Secretary of State, accept legal service such as notice of litigation, and forward it to the company’s owner upon receipt. When required by appropriate state law, the Registered Agent also maintains copies of the Articles of Incorporation, a copy of the corporate bylaws, and the stock ledger of the company or a statement that provides the name and address of the actual custodian of the stock ledger.

To find out more or to get registered for this great service of registered agent conact at 888-284-3821.