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Bookkeeping Made Easy

Date: 12/19/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Bookkeeping is a time consuming, tedious, but absolutely vital part of any business.  Most people do not like to take the time to reconcile bank statements, enter and track transactions, or perform other general ledger procedures, but it has to be done.

IncParadise now offers a great alternative to being tied to your desk for hours doing the bookkeeping.  IncPardise’s Full Service Bookkeeping program  was designed for clients who require all the normal transactions and operations of an accounting or finance department, but don’t need or want an extra employee to handle the job.

The service starts at $10 per month and covers reconciliations, entering transactions, credit card accounts, bank accounts, merchant accounts, PayPal accounts, etc. A flat fee per month is charged based on the amount of pages of statements.

Want to learn more contact for small bussiness payroll at (888) 284-3821.