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Small Business – Growth Tactic

Date: 02/14/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

You have regular customers when your business is recognized but you definitely intend to increase sales. It is not difficult since now customers know you. You only need to retain them by certain tactics. But before you start anything you surely would require your customers’ buying history. You should maintain a record of individual customers or group them in categories according to their buying behavior. This will help you to decide on inventory and marketing tricks. Once the records tell you what, when, why and how often your customers buy, you can decide upon strategies so that they buy more, that is trying to increase sales. For example if you find your product is more acceptable during Christmas, why not offer a bulk buy discount? Or if you have a bouquet of items to sell and you find a few out of them sell as hot, offer them the other items at reduced price along with the hot item.

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