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4 Tips for Business Growth

Date: 02/16/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Here are some tips to increase your online business.

1. Offer a free ebook – create an ebook related to your business and include one FAQ section about the product / service offered by you. Make it easy to understand for the beginners. This will help your customers better understand the product they are looking for. Remember, they will come back to you after this for higher-level solutions about the product / service.

2. Offer a free live service – create a chat room on your site and offer free service to visitors. Keep yourself ready for the whole range of questions from the beginner level to an expert one. You will be known as someone who takes care of your customers.

3. Offer free glossary – create glossary for the terms pertaining to your business and offer these in the form of an ebook. Tomorrow, if your customer has some problem, he is bound to come back to you for advice.

4. Offer free forms – customers are looking for downloadable and printable forms related to law or organization. Offer these at one place on your site for free download.


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