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Effects of a poorly done website

Date: 02/18/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

You may have a great product to sell, but your website doesn’t help you attract and retain your prospects. Why does this happen? 

1. Poor copy – copy, the text part of your site acts as demotivating for the site visitors. Your copy is infested with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. This creates an impression as this – if this company is so careless about its website, how can I trust their products? It seems so untrustworthy to your prospects. 

2. Unprofessional design – your site layout is difficult to navigate and contains some irrelevant links and information areas. Customers may think thus – it is so difficult to understand this, I don’t know how the product will be? More often, customer will simply leave your site to a friendlier one. 

3. Tall claims – many sites make tall claims (make $5,000 per day types). It is difficult to retain prospective customers based on such claims. Your claims about your product should seem realistic to the visitors. It is a good policy to claim less and deliver more. The word of mouth for your company and product will be faster and positive.

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