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Creating Strategic Alliances

Date: 02/21/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Sales managers profess creating strategic alliances with great verve. The reason is simple, having a core group of influencers who can effectively help you market your strengths and products streamlines your efforts in finding prospects to pitch to. It is not secret that the best prospects are referrals and when you and your services become the primary target in an influencers rolodex, then you are on the faster track to not only more sales, but higher quality sales.

This theory of influencers goes beyond sales efforts. Just as attorneys network with CPAs who network with bankers, so must the small business owner find business circles of influence that will become natural allies in your marketing efforts. When I say natural allies, I am refering to the direct correspondence of one business niche to another. For example, you may own a furniture store specializing in heirloom furniture. A natural ally to your business would be a furniture rehabilitor or refinisher who will be in contact with a variety of items coming in and out. Another ally would be an antique store.

Often, small businesses spend a lot of effort getting their products and services out. Think about how much easier it can be to use some of your efforts to then ride the coat-tails of businesses with already established clientele. By creating strategic alliances, you will not only open the door to more quality referrals, but you will be expediting the time by which your company can establish a solid reputation in the community.

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