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Delegation V/s. Decentralization

Date: 02/22/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Should you delegate? Or not? This debate has been going on for years with no definite answer. There is no question of the ‘amount’ of delegation. ‘Adequate’ delegation results in numerous benefits –

1. Value addition – you (as the boss) delegate lesser important work to your subordinates. This makes you free to focus your attention on more important issues. For example, you want to make a presentation to a client located in another town. You may leave your travelling arrangements to be taken care of by your assistant so that you can better concentrate on making the presentation more effective.

2. Faster work – delegation actually means splitting a task into various activities and assigning to others. In other words, two or more persons are involved in completion of the task. This makes faster completion of the task.

3. Creativity – not all people on earth can do all the jobs with perfection. If you are excellent at business development, it is not necessary that you are good programmer too (even if your are the owner of this software firm). You should delegate the software creation tasks to your subordinates who are good at that.

4. Interest – you are the owner of your business, however this does not mean that you will be interested and involved with each and every task coming your way. You may delegate the less interesting tasks to your subordinates having more interest in those areas.

5. Money matters – imagine you don’t delegate. You can then never expect your business to grow beyond a limit. End of the day, you suffer from limited business and hence, limited profits.


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