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International Traveling Tips for the Small Business Traveler

Date: 02/22/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Research conducted by The American Small Business Travelers Alliance (ASBTA), a national, non-profit alliance focused specifically on the travel needs and interests of small business owners, finds that nearly 50 percent of small business travelers are taking regular international business trips.

They offer these top traveling tips:

— Before leaving the United States, make three copies of all your documentation — including your passport, any visas, and your itinerary — just in case the originals are lost or stolen while you’re traveling. The first copy should be left with family or a business associate back home; the second should be carried in a briefcase or laptop case; and the third should be kept on your person.

— Always utilize frequent flier and other loyalty programs when traveling internationally, whether earning points and miles or redeeming them. In many cases, one flight to and from Europe earns half the miles needed for a free domestic ticket, so the programs are more than worth it. And for small businesses sending employees on the road, enhanced loyalty programs like American Airlines Business ExtrAA ( enable both business owners and their employees to simultaneously earn rewards on employee travel.

— Be certain you have the appropriate converters for electronic and mobile devices for the country or countries where you will be visiting. Forget them and you could find yourself unable to use or charge any of your equipment.

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