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Who Moved My Customers? part 1

Date: 02/23/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Not too long ago, a friend of mine gave me a very poular book called, Who Moved My Cheese. This book, written a few years back, has circulated around the business community and is regarded as a good read for anyone looking to stay on top of their game. To summarize this book, when we don’t adapt to the changing environment, we die.. Depending on how quickly we decide to adapt and how methodical we are in approaching it, we can not only increase our chance of survival, but increase our likeliuhood of flourishing.

Though the message is very simple, considered to be common sense in most cases, the applications are rarely explored to teh extent that prosperity can occur. The reason is that, as this book illustrates, it is difficult to release our own baggage, preconceived ideas and daily routines in order to find a great big new wheel of cheese. Existing businesses often go through a mid-life crisis that will ultimately lead to death or a rebirth. The reason is new companies with contemporary products or solutions are luring customers away. There are ways to adapt to the changing environment.

How can this be achieved? (Continued on 2/24/06 in part 2)

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