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Internet Ad War

Date: 02/25/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

You must have heard of Google and its advertising product AdWords. It works like this – you can place your advertisement on the Google search engine based on specific keyword. This ensures that you ad caters to specific target market and returns high & relevant traffic to your site. Success of Google AdWords almost entirely spelt doom for banner or rotor ads. 

MSN also countered this with its newly launched program called MSN AdCenter. This program was to replace the MSN contract with Yahoo for similar services. This month, AdCenter has announced major changes in the program. AdCenter can target specific individuals not only on keyword placements (searches) but geographically too. This month MSN has announced that the setup of the ads is going to be much easier. The new targets for traffic increases are in the range of 70% and expected to be effective from 27 February. This new program is still worked upon by beta testers. 

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