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Make Time for Marketing

Date: 02/28/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Small business owners often have to become the “jack of all trades” within their company. Ultimately they are responsible for anything and everything their company does, doesn’t do and the conduct of their people. In getting bogged down in the administrative roles of being a business owner, we can sometimes forget that we are the key person in our sales team, both internally and externally.

Think about it. You created the company from the ground up. You did it based initially on your sole belief that you had something substantial to offer the marketplace. It was your expertise, energy and enthusiam that got the company launched, found initial funding sources and rolled your products and services out to the public. So why is it that once you become president you rely on a sales force to infuse that same energy and enthusiam to your prospects?

Spend time with you sales force and show them that you still have the same passion for your products that you did the day you started your company. Sit in on sales meetings and be a part of brainstorming groups that inspire new sales and marketing tactics. Then get out there yourself. As president, you have unique ways to market your company through local media, charity events and networking. You have the greatest enthusiasm for your company, you also have the most at stake. So step up to the plate and see how you can help everyone else do their sales and marketing jobs more effectivly. The little things will help to take your company to the next level.

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