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Comparing top-rated business credit cards for small businesses

Date: 03/10/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Whether paying for business-related travel and entertainment expenses or just ordering office supplies online, business credit cards are a convenient way for small businesses to easily track and document expense transactions, but increasingly are also being used by savvy business owners for cash back savings, business financing and sometimes even lucrative rewards offers, resulting directly from their business-related card purchasing activity.

According to, while business credit cards offer benefits similar in comparison to traditional cards, many also offer platinum benefits available only to businesses or to consumers with stellar credit. For small business owners in particular, a key benefit of many of these cards is the detailed monthly and annual financial statements provided.

Business credit cards are not only useful for purchasing and accounting purposes, but many of today’s most popular credit cards offer mileage bonuses, cash rebates, low comparable interest rates, generous spending limits, additional cards for employees, and customized expense tracking. A business credit card can provide the buying power and financial backing that is so essential for small business owners that might otherwise prove hard to obtain. Several business credit cards available even allow business owners to include their company logo on the face of the credit card, helping the business to strengthen its professional image with both vendors and employees.

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