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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Date: 03/13/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

You may have a good number of customers from the past sales, and doing a good job with current customers. Have you ever thought of getting in touch with old customers? Cost of retaining an existing customer is less than half of that of acquiring a new customer. Good idea will be to get in touch with them through a customer satisfaction survey (CSI). This CSI could be in the form of paper & pencil or email. It will be premature to talk about web-based survey at the first instance. Paper and pencil will be most ideal for you to start. This will not only ensure responses from the customers, but also offer an excellent opportunity to get in touch with them. 

You should cover all the relevant areas in the CSI study – this could be classified into pre-purchase and post-purchase. Pre-purchase areas could include enquiry handling, staff behavior, clarity on pricing, etc. Other areas could be shop layout, ease of reaching the product, etc. 

Post-purchase areas include billing, taxation, delivery, packaging, etc. It may also include after sale service. 

You may consider including scale type of questions, which are easy to administer. These could employ a five-point scale. Also offer some open space for customers to air their opinions as verbatim.

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