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Making your ad work

Date: 03/16/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

I have come across many business owners complaining about the futility of the ads for their range of products. I have compiled a list of sins committed by the advertisers. Here is the list – 

1. Non-targeted ads – your ad should be targeted towards a group of visitors interested in your product. Don’t create an ad for masses. 

2. Long ads – people are not interested in reading through a long ad full of testimonials, etc at the first instance. They will do so only when they find your offering better than others. Offer a bulleted list of salient features with clickable explanation for each of the points. This will save time for your visitor. 

3. Offer free – the word ‘free’ makes people sit up and take notice. Offer something free to the person clicking on your ad. 

4. Actionable headline – the ad headline should be actionable. In other words, curiosity of people should be aroused so that they get further interested in your products. 

5. Contents – I have seen advertisers offering a long list of features of their products. Instead of this, offer them the benefits accruing from the features. For example, don’t talk about the material used in making the brand of helmet sold by you. Translate it into the benefit – how the user can benefit from the use of this material.

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