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Are your presentations perfect?

Date: 03/17/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Business owners have to make lot of presentations for various reasons – financing of their next expansion, pitching for a new client, etc. Have you ever evaluated your presentations in terms of effectiveness? Here are few tips for better quality presentations – 

1. Focal point of your presentation is the audience, and not the computer screen. Focus more on audience. 

2. Don’t ever write everything on the screen. Use bullet points, and then elaborate those through your speech. Otherwise you are not needed, the presentation alone is sufficient, and your audience will read it through. 

3. Your body language is important while making a presentation. Audience will try to read from the energy generated by your body and eyes. 

4. Don’t let light n sound effects in your presentation supersede you. You are more important than the presentation. 

5. Prefer a laptop to a desktop for making a presentation. Making a laptop presentation speaks your success in addition to points covered in the presentation.

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