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Evaluating the web host

Date: 03/20/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Your site is ready, and you are ready to host it i.e., put it online. Web hosting services offer you ‘rental space’ for a period ranging from one to five years. Web hosting services claim to have features, unique to their services. How does one make a decision of selecting the most suitable service provider? 

1. Customer care – this factor should be given utmost importance. Survey the existing customers about the quality of services. Service provider should be available on phone all the time (24/7 is ideal). 

2. Prices and features – paying zero or little price is not advisable because it may be fraught with risks like quality and customer care. By paying few less dollars, your site may be at a risk of being down almost all the time or customers complaining about the site not opening fast enough.  Avoid very expensive service providers because you may not need all those features right now. You may switch to a pricey one later on. 

3. Money back guarantee – money back guarantee is the best thing that can happen to a business. You can make a judgment on the services during the trial or guarantee period. 

4. Discounts – you can negotiate for deeper discounts if you are planning to have hosting services for a longer time (three years or so) or looking for storage space in the league of 500 mb or more. 

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