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Backup your data online

Date: 03/21/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Businesses work on the data available with them. Imagine your working without any data to help you take decisions. This data may come in various kinds – inventory, customers, financials, etc. Whole business depends on this data. You had been thinking of backing up the data for a while, and on a bright morning find yourself making a frantic call to your computer engineer to recover the lost data. You had a solid hardware failure. Latest statistics in this industry suggests that two third of the data loss is due to two factors – hardware failure and human error. Cost of recovering the data is phenomenally high in terms of time and money. And the risk too is great – you may not get recovered data at all. It has been found from a study that almost 45% of the businesses are out of business after data loss shock. 

Ideal way to save your data is to opt for online data storage services. These services cost low compared to their perceived costs. You may have to shell out as little as $10 per month to have online data back up (it is actually less than the money spent by you on CD’s to back up the data yourself). Online data storage is secure too. The service providers will always be playing it safe to secure the data. Add to this the bonus – if your hard drive crashes, you will need few minutes to get back your data from an online storage.

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