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Success at trade shows

Date: 03/22/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Trade shows have been an integral part of marketing efforts, especially true for small business owners. Trade shows present a wonderful opportunity for the businesses to showcase their products to a target segment. Most of the trade shows carve out specific time slots for business-to-business activities. Remaining time slots are usually reserved for common publics. 

Trade shows are an excellent platform to introduce a new product. It can act as a test marketing platform to offer the business owner a valuable feedback on the products and related shortcomings. It can also prove to be an effective and efficient forum to launch a new product.

Trade shows are good for two other reasons – one, these attract the people in the business i.e., the target market members, and two, act as a single point for masses to be aware of new products. 

If you are planning to participate in a trade show, it is always a good idea to register yourself in ‘early-bird’ category in order to avail of heavy discounts. As the time of the show nears, the prices go up exponentially. So, it will be advisable to keep files on all the trade shows of your interests. 

Plan your activities at the trade show in advance. Let professionals do the work on layout and display design. Avoid getting involved in such unknown areas. You should better concentrate on your products. Make a thorough plan on logistics – all the display items, display boards, brochures, leaflets, product inventory for immediate deliveries, manpower, etc

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