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Is email marketing dead?

Date: 03/23/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Email marketing had taken the world by storm couple of years back. While the serious marketers have started doubting the effectiveness of email marketing with changing scenario and legal issues, spammers are having a field day. Does this mean email marketing is not productive enough? Not really. There are ways and means that can be effectively deployed to extract most from your email marketing campaign. 

1. Privacy policy – keep a clear and well defined privacy policy for your email opt-in contacts. Well designed and defined privacy policy will keep you out of trouble from the long hands of law. 

2. Alternate email – whenever someone signs in or opts in your list, always get secondary email id from the person. This will be handy in case primary email doesn’t work for some reasons. 

3. Unsubscribe policy – maintain an easy to follow unsubscribe policy with your contacts. If you try to hide this form your contacts, they may feel little uneasy with being on record with you. 

4. Personalize – personalized emails are more effective than mass emails. Although it is difficult to manage personalized emails on a mass scale, you can make groups within the lists and personalize your messages for each of the groups. 

5. Long term – you email marketing will not work on a short term. You must plan your campaign lasting years, and not few weeks or months. Once you have been in touch with your contacts over a period of one year or so, your contacts start placing their confidence in you.