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Creative Relationship Building

Date: 03/03/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

There is a lot to be said for the “smile and dial” approach to getting new business, but taking a few steps to enhance the quality of prospects will always improve your final numbers. I have a lot of friends who think about dating almost the same way many telemarketers do: it’s a numbers game that takes going out and meeting a multitude of people and then spending the time to see who you have the best fit with. If you are anything like me, this sort of dating approach is exhausting and often leads to anything of real promise. The best “relationships” come from meeting through friends, similar interests or hobbies.

If that is the best way to build strong and lasting relationships, why wouldn’t it also be a great way to build strong and lasting business relationships. Something that one of my clients found useful was to become involved, as a company, with the Tuesday night bowling league. Sure this sounds a little off the wall, but think about it. The company was able to put a team together where staff would be able to bond outside of the workplace, making time at work easier with stronger relationships. The company also got the added benefit of being visible every week to everyone who went to the bowling alley, their name was up on the screen as one of the teams. Third, the friendly competition between companies offered reason’s to sit down and talk about what each of them had to offer each other. The best prospect is one that can relate to you, regardless of how they relate to you. So if you can get your foot in the door by throwing a few extra gutter balls so everyone can laugh together, you may be on your way to finding new and stronger business relationships.

Caution:Strong and lasting dating relationships may be a common side affect of the bowling league.

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