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Why and how of USP

Date: 03/30/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

USP, abbreviation of Unique Selling Proposition, is the way a company can differentiate its product range form that of competition. Unique selling proposition is something that sticks, grows and identifies with a product. 

USP later on got on to MSP – multiple selling propositions, essentially meaning the same thing on a larger number of planks. USP is the feature or benefit that can be drawn from a product by the end user. Let’s consider the electronic products form Germany and Japan. While Japanese electronics hovers around domestic electronic goods that are available for the end users at a value price and will have the latest technology imbibed into the product. German electronics is better known for the industrial use. No wonder, Japanese household electronics products far outsell German ones, and vice versa apply to German products in industrial products segments. USP for German products can be a combination of stability, reliability and durability of the products manufactured in Germany. USP for Japanese products can be a set of modern technology at the door steps of the end user in house hold products. USP for China can be low cost manufacturing while that for India can be low cost high brain supply of manpower in technical fields. One can use this concept for its product. For example, your product can be ‘made in China’, meaning low cost product. Here, the USP is ‘made in China’. Your competitor may be selling at a higher price than your product with the USP ‘ made in USA, you get better quality’.

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