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Don’t Dilute Sales Forces

Date: 03/05/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

More is better. That is the philosophy of most people and most businesses. And while more sales is always a good thing, expanding your sales force strictly by the numbers is not the most prudent thing to do in many cases. I’ve seen this most prominently happen in telelmarketing and call centers, but is also rampant in other sectors. Essentially, managers feel it is best to get warm bodies on the phones. They don’t take into consideration how this dilutes the actual sales team’s ability to bring in revenues.

How do your clients and prospects interact with your company? More than likely it is really very limited: either by using your products and services or speaking with one or two direct contacts they have at your company. Often their only point of contact is the salesman who helped them acquire it, so it is imperative to always put your best face forward – even if it is just you phone face. This being the case, just having warm or semi-warm bodies to take calls and make pitches on your company’s behalf is diluting what a well trained and talented sales force will be able to accomplish. Don’t make a bad first impression just becuase you feel a rush to get to more people faster. It is far more important to keep those doors open with a good impression than just get in and cross them off the list.

Understanding the sales process is imperative as you build you sales team. You need people who understand your products and services, are excited about them and can convey those messages in ways that leave you as the seeming expert in your industry. Any good salesman know that sales are not always immediate, especially when chasing whales. It takes research, patience and understanding to make the prospects feel that you have something invested in them. Not anyone is desgined for this type of work and those that aren’t are more of a hinderance than a help. Don’t dilute your salesforce. Take time to build a team, train them properll and give them the resources to succeed.

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