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9 Tips for your website

Date: 03/06/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Here is a list of ‘to do’ to promote your website – 

1. Research the search phrases used by your prospects to find out information. These phrases are the keywords for your site. 

2. Ensure that these keywords are inserted into the website copy. 

3. Important to remember – search engines don’t look for graphics, but text part. Your site may look very beautiful due to graphics, but may not draw traffic. 

4. Keep your site clean, systematic and easy to navigate. 

5. Offer the information on your site desired by the visitors. If needed, add an FAQ, article or guide section to the website.

6. Keep the text (copy) error free. Strict no-no to grammatical mistakes.  

7. Product descriptions should be large enough to explain everything and small enough to rouse the curiosity. 

8. Offer some freebie to the visitors in lieu of their email address. 

9. Look long term and not a fly-by-night operator.