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Should you think of strategic alliance?

Date: 03/07/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Is the idea worthy when two or three businesses join hands together for a defined time period? Does it offer any benefits? Here is a list of benefits one can draw from a successful business alliance – 

1. Costs go down – when two or more businesses come together the costs of operations come down. For example, your customer care team size remains same but caters to more products than before. This increases profitability. 

2. Budgets go up – you will be able to spend more on your marketing efforts while cost per unit will not increase in the same proportion. 

3. Testimonials & endorsements – when you combine the endorsements and testimonials from different businesses, it offers a larger bouquet to the prospects. This increases your credibility. 

4. Larger staff – you have access to more number of employees. This puts you in a great advantageous position. 

5. Strategy fine tuning – you will be better able to bundle your products and make value offers to customers without losing on revenue and profits. 

You may consider forming business alliance with another business for a defined period of time and set goals in the beginning. If you achieve those goals in the defined time frame, it is worth to continue the alliance. 

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