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The Elevator Pitch

Date: 03/07/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

We have all been there in that awkward silence. The one where you are going to the eigth floor and the other person is going to the tenth. A shared slight smile and you stare at the numbers as they slowly climb. Often, this is a wonderful opporutunity to develop a new prospect and realtionship, especially if this is someone who works in the same building as you and you share many elevator rides with. Don’t hesitate to find out what it is they do. And be prepared to offer a succinct 15 second explanation of what you do. Have one for what you specifically do and one for what your company does, this way you can create a quick commercial of your products and services.

The benefit here is endless. Not only may that person have a need for your services, but they may also be able to direct you to other sources in your very own building of what other companies may be in need of you as well. Being as clear as possible helps you to seem professional, expert and memorable. You don’t need to have a catchy little jingle, just be yourself and show the enthusiasm for what you do. Enthusiasm is the greatest sales and marketing tool in the world. Don’t be afraid to use it in those small periods when your stuck on the elevator.

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