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Small business software tools

Date: 04/10/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

It is next to impossible to imagine small business (in fact, any business) functioning without a computer and software tools installed on the PC. Here is a list of essential software tools needed for smooth running of small business – 

1. Office suite – office suite constitutes three major components comprising of word processing, spreadsheet and presentation. Word processing tool is needed for replacing all the paper work in a traditional ‘paper’ office. It is useful for correspondence and other documentation. Spreadsheet is required for analyzing various business aspects like financials, market shares, etc. Presentation tool is needed for pitching a new client and other similar applications.. 

2. Email client – business without an email is like running an office without address. One needs a reliable and robust email client that should be ideal for sending and receiving emails with large attachments. 

3. Accounting software – one needs basic accounting package that facilitates easy data entry and report generation. 

One may look for other software tools looking to specific business needs (inventory software, CRM software, etc), however these three are basic to any business.

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