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Is outsourcing a good option?

Date: 04/11/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Arguably, the topic mostly debated across the globe today is about outsourcing. Many economists and politicians have put forth their views for and against this phenomenon, likely to increase in the immediate future. Outsourcing has its own sets of pros and cons, particularly for small businesses. 

Let me first of all consider the cons. Small businesses face the biggest challenge in terms of cultural barriers. While you may have most of the educated Indians communicating in good English, it may still not be sufficient to understand the local markets. English language alone is available in different variants. This makes the life for small business owner little difficult. You have an educated person working efficiently as your virtual assistant, the time, efforts and money required to attain a specific level of proficiency is burdensome. In addition to this, business owner loses a chance to employ someone from the local community. 

Pros for outsourcing at times far overcome the limitations. Savings, contractual type of working and availability make it more worthy. What may cost about $1,000 per month from a local employee will possibly be available for $300 from an outsourced contractor. 

Ideal option will be to outsource non-local and non-critical jobs while retaining other assignments on the local level.

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