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Product survey benefits

Date: 04/21/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

As a busy market research consultant, I have often come across small business owners wanting to conduct a survey for their company. They were, however clueless about anything else about it. When asked about the research objective, they knew nothing about it. What I must say here is that it is not only important to do survey about your product, distribution, etc, but also know the very reasons behind the whole exercise. After all, research is a very expensive exercise. 

One of the lead areas of survey for small business owners could be the product area. It is important to know the customers’ perception about your product. Research on brand equity or ad recall may wait for some more time. 

Sales volume of a product is more important for small businesses than anything else. Therefore, it is critical to have first hand information about end users’ opinion, perception and attitude towards you product. Secondly, product survey gives you precious feed back on the problems faced by the users on the product. Last but not the least, a survey about a product (in a non disguised form) further ensconces the trust of the satisfied customers on the product and the company marketing it.

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