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Is selling different from marketing?

Date: 04/22/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Lot many pages in as many books have been written about the differences between selling and marketing. But do these differences apply for small businesses? Or these are one of those ‘hi frill’ things from the board rooms of large conglomerates? 

The answer is firm no to second question – there are real differences between the two for small businesses to take cognizance. Marketing process starts with the customer and ends with the same set of people. Selling, on the other hand, starts with the product in hand and ends with transaction of that available product with money from the end user. 

As a small business owner one may be involved in either of the two – marketing and selling. As a seller, one may not have much control on the marketing process, one can be selective in identifying the segments by applying the principles of marketing in the sales organization. 

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