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Doing online business

Date: 04/03/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

I have come across many clients of mine informing me on all bad things about the website built by them (few were recommended by me!). Let’s face it. Just creating a good site and uploading it on a fast server is not enough. Let’s not miss an important point here – having a website is not enough, it is just a medium of communication to outside world about your presence. Having a website and not promoting it is like opening a shop on the main commercial street and not putting up any sign board. 

Once you have a website, you must now get after promoting it. This promotion can come through email, newsletters, advertising, links, etc. Further, you must have a good product to sell. The product should offer some value to the customers. Moreover, the product should be available across the town. All the marketing efforts one would put in without having a website, have to be inculcated in your program after building the site. 

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