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Have you tried Ebay?

Date: 04/05/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

While I am neither a consultant nor an appointed propagandist for Ebay, I strongly recommend Ebay as a launch platform for small businesses. Arguably, Ebay is the largest online market place all over the world. I have seen people making lot of money from Ebay. It may be noted that I am not using the word ‘rich’ here. There are many benefits of using Ebay market place. 

1. Your target audience becomes the world instantly after you have registered with Ebay. Ebay is fast becoming popular outside the USA. It is lapping up auction companies in different countries and bringing them under Ebay brand. 

2. Everyone knows Ebay is a great place for buying stuff. Small business owners can use this place for purchasing stuff too. So don’t look at Ebay from selling point of view alone. You may buy stuff here, and make good profits in your offline business. 

3. Ebay offers a great opportunity to advertise your products to a large community for an amount, best called peanuts. Use this opportunity to reach more prospective customers. Imagine your advertising costs down to 5% of your existing marketing overheads.

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