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How to Cope with Sick Days?

Date: 04/05/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Small businesses, especially those with fewer than 10 employees, can have a difficult time with it when illness strikes. When employees are ill, they need the downtime to get healthy; but often a business can’t afford to give them that time. So how can a small business cope with sick days they can’t afford to give?


If you have enough employees, you can trade off work schedules, letting some double it up while the ill employee gets the rest time. But if you don’t have the employees or the ability to shut your business down, how can you handle sick days?


You can start by promoting a healthier environment and regimen for your employees. Sometimes a business can get a membership at a health club or gym that is greatly reduced for multiple employees than for one at a time. Provide them with literature on maintaining health, encourage flu shots and help offset the cost.


Ultimately, the investment in these items will be a lot less than what sick time could cost you.

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