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Don’t Just Make a Call; Make a Sale

Date: 04/07/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Ever been plagued by a telemarketer? Do you know why the techniques work? It’s because when a telemarketer calls; they aren’t waiting for you to ask questions — they give you a flood of answers. It doesn’t always work, but for every call that they are successful — it makes up for the dozen it took to get there.

When you’re in business and you’re trying to hook a sale, a contract or more — you need an edge. You need to not only make contact and communication, you need to make a sale. You are selling your services, your expertise and ultimately your product whether it is a real item or the result of work you do for them.


When you get this potential sale on the phone or in email, ask them what’s the most important factor in their decision making to choose someone for the job. When you get an answer, don’t just tell them you can do it. Ask them why that’s an important factor? Break it down for them.
For example, if a potential client says that they are looking for the person who can get it done in the least amount of time, you ask why that’s a critical factor. If they tell you that the project is already behind, it needs the work done in a limited time frame or they risk missing their own deadlines, you can then talk to them about what particular pieces are inflexible and what pieces can be held off on.

Chances are, you can help them idenitfy exactly what parts are crucial to their deadlines and make getting the job done a lot more reasonable, even in a short time frame. Before your done with that call, you’ll have the contract and you won’t just be making a bid anymore. You’ll be closing a deal.

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