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Low cost business / profession

Date: 04/07/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

If you have $20 million in your saving account, this write-up may not be of use to you. I am writing this targeting an individual who keeps on running short on money from investment point of view. I am providing a list of possible ventures one can plan in near future starting tomorrow.
I have categorized these businesses / professions in three categories – extremely specialized with experience in this set of skills, second category consisting of specialized skill set with little or nil experience and third one requiring almost no skills except hard work.
First category constitutes people with experience in specialized fields like interior decoration, legal services, etc. One can start small business from home with such expertise areas.
Second category consists of services like secretarial services, business support services bookkeeping, transcription, etc. These services require some experience or exposure to start and thrive on.
Third low cost category consists of services like translation, customer care, virtual assistance, catering, wedding or event planning, etc. Such professions can start at home with some coaching form accredited institutes.

All of these three categories are essentially low cost categories to start your own business  that can grow over a period of time.