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Sales force management

Date: 04/09/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Ask a senior manager of an organization having a large team of sale reps about his biggest challenge – answer will probably lie in any one or all of the following areas – selection, motivation and improvement. 

Selection process starting from recruitment till induction provides the blues to the management. Attracting the most suitable candidates for your product mix means snatching good sales reps from competing organizations. Second challenge is to find the suitable mode of recruitment – placement consultants, newspaper ads or online data banks. 

Motivation is another area of concern for the manager. No single motivation technique is applicable to all the sales team members all the time. Some may be motivated by money alone, while some may feel better when posted near their home town. Some others may have some other triggers motivating them. 

Third challenge lies in improving the performance of the team members even if all of them are super performers in their own right. It is advisable to not to mix up appreciation and comments on improvements in the same cauldron. While appreciation may be effected in the meeting, criticism should be relegated to training sessions.

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