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What is after sales service?

Date: 05/15/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

After sales service is treated as a part of product package. Imagine your car without any after sales service. It will look like you had purchased a second hand car at a new car price from a con dealer. After sales service is part and parcel of durable products. Be it cars, trucks, refrigerators or microwave ovens, all of these products come with after sales service. 

Should a small business owner offer after sales service for a product that perceptibly doesn’t need any? The answer is firm yes. Even if your product doesn’t need any after sales service (any non-durable like tooth paste, for example), you must offer a service that can be termed after sales service. 

I know General manager of a large newspaper organization whose daily routine included calling ten newspaper readers and asking them about availability, the changes they would like to have in the newspaper. He would finally hang up after giving them the toll free number for any complaint. Now imagine a newspaper having a ‘complaint’ number. This is one form of after sales service. As a small business owner, you may also think of similar strategy to be in touch with your end users and call them to know about the problems faced by them. Trust, they will become your loyal customers.

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