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Are you sufficiently insured?

Date: 05/17/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Insurance is generally treated as the last item on agenda. It is paid on an on-going basis based on yester year’s premium size. It has been found that small business owners don’t have their insurance needs revaluated as the business grows. It is the need of the day to have insurance cover proportionate to business size. 

Small business owner needs insurance of the following types. Property insurance is needed to safeguard the interests of fixed assets like office, and home if it is a home based business. All of your office equipments and fixtures should also be insured against those unforeseen days and events. Liability insurance is taken for personal injuries while natural calamity insurance for unpredictable disasters. Ask people the importance of this type who have survived Tsunami. Last but not the least, keep on looking for insurance covers possible for different types of businesses and transactions. Keep your insurance advisor’s phone the way your doctor’s phone number is maintained. Give him standing instructions to get you information on any new insurance product launched by any company.

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