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Are you flexible enough?

Date: 05/18/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

I have come across many sellers who are simply there because others didn’t tolerate them at other places. Some of the small business owners I came across on net, are so rigid about their policies (and even emails), that it was impossible to do business with them. 

One of them had a policy of accepting payment through money orders only. Now it is easier said than done. Getting money order through a bank or post office may not be easy for all of us all the time. To be a successful businessman on net, you must offer various payment options to your buyers. Each buyer has his own convenience for a particular mode of payment. Buyers from Asia find it easy to use Paypal compared to credit card, solely because of fraudulent use of credit card in some of the South East Asian countries. If you are flexible enough in accepting different payment modes, its you who is going to get more business.

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