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Small Business Wireless Options

Date: 05/19/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

It seems like most businesses are becoming more and more reliant on email, than the old-fashion “pick up the phone” and call someone method of communication.  As such, it raises a problem.  How do we keep on top of our email and respond promptly while not being tied to our computers 24/7?

One options is to go wireless and there are a few companies providing quality wireless products. Top products to consider are:

BlackBerry:  an industry leader which provides solutions, devices and support.  Products and service plans are available through several wireless carriers, retail stores and other vendors.

Treo:  made by Palm is a wireless hand-held device that can, in many cases, be linked to your current wireless calling plan.

Both are highly recommended products, but each offer different models and features.  You may have to do a little homework to determine which will suit your needs the best.

Monthly services plans vary widely and are based on your needs and wireless carrier.  Some start as low as $5 for email only and can run upwards of $80+ if you want both phone and email options.  Again, shop around for the best deals.

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