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Does jargon help?

Date: 05/02/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

There are three distinct classes of people in the business (or job) of making presentations – those who know the job, but can’t present properly. Second class belongs to those who can present anything on earth in an impressive manner are the ones not knowing much about the contents. Third category belongs to those who are trying to learn the art of presentation. 

I have seen small business owners generally belonging to first class form the above categorization. Ask them to sell a product or conceive a new idea, they are insurmountable in this set of skills. Ask them to present it to an audience of five (seemingly) knowledgeable people, and the problem will start in the first two minutes. 

Small business owners must try to improve on their presentation skills in terms of – confidence, jargon and technology. Their major failure emanates from the absence of jargon. For example, a typical small business owner will say ‘dividing the customers in separate classes’ instead of ‘segmentation of prospects’. And this makes the difference to the audience. If you use jargon, you will be treated as the most knowledgeable person in the group Learn jargon – from a book, glossary or any such resource. It will help pitch and acquire new business easily. 

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