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Are you ready for CRM?

Date: 05/21/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software vendors have not only made lives of business owners simple, the ROI values for few of the tools have proved their worth beyond doubt. 

The moot question is – are you ready for CRM implementation? Life without CRM software tool can also be equally comfortable. CRM tools act as a central ‘warehouse’ for all your information ‘inventory’ – customer contacts including personal & business details, customer purchase history, payment history, invoices, sales promotion, etc. Add to that, the software’s ability to create customized reports on a defined frequency. Excellent. The point is do we need those sophisticated state of art tools for these needs. One can get these outputs from ‘simple’ tools like excel, accounting software and an email client like outlook express. If you are reasonably good with using these simple tools and your team size is small too, then it is better to wait for some more time to opt for CRM. First grow sufficiently and then only look for CRM solutions.

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