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Advertising in B2B market place

Date: 05/27/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

B2B market place is defined as the market place where the customers are organizations, and not the ‘consumers’. These customers may be end users or using the products for processing. B2B market place is governed by rationalized decision making unlike emotional decision making in B2C market place. I don’t say that whole of the B2C market place is infested with emotional decisions ALL the time, but that emotions play an important role. 

Now because decision making is rational in B2B place, communication revolved around the functional or technical aspects. Imagine your advertisement claiming ‘status’ for selling an unwanted product to the target audience. This is possible to some extent in B2C, but not B2B. Communication in B2B market place is all about the benefits to the organization by using your products. 

It is very easy to spot an industrial product ad in a magazine. It revolves around the photograph of the product and ‘technical’ description of the product. Compare this with an ad for B2C market place – it talks about emotional benefits to the end users. It doesn’t talk about the technical aspects of the product. Imagine a shampoo ad talking about the chemicals into the product. No need to say, this shampoo brand will have the death warrant immediately.

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