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What is cause related marketing?

Date: 05/29/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Cause related marketing or simply cause marketing is fast becoming one of the effective strategies for businesses, particularly small businesses. Cause marketing can be defined as thus – the business owner associates sales of his products with some charitable cause. For example, you may promote your product by implementing cause marketing. 

Suppose you advertise in various marketing channels that a particular portion of your sales, say 5% will go towards building a school in your town. This works wonders in most of the cases. The small business owner has to build a solid credential for the genuineness of the cause. The pitch for sales must hover around the benefits that will be accrued from the sales to the social cause. Two distinct benefits will accrue – sales will go up and your brand image will be enhanced. Add to that the real benefit going to those who will use the funds for solving their problems like school or hospital.