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Is auctioning a right business for you?

Date: 05/03/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

There are many business owners who are making a decent living out of auction market places spread across the globe. But I am referring to online auction markets like Ebay. Is it possible to carve out a decent living from Ebay? Yes, it possible. Although it is debatable whether the income will be five or six figure, but ‘decent’ earning can be really decent. 

One can make a living with the following armor – inventory, computer, internet and an assistant. That’s to it. Inventory can be managed from Ebay itself at a lower price and resold at the same place at a higher margin. Alternatively, it can be sourced from overseas low cost manufacturers (China, isn’t it?), and sold at a premium. What is called home based business, will not need much time to get transformed into small business