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Some internet terms explained

Date: 05/30/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Now that your site is ready and uploaded, it is time to take stock of visitors. So many terms about internet marketing are floating in the air that it is right time to have a look at few important ones. 

Hit often confused with page view means number of times your page has been hit from a browser. This actually means if your two graphics on the page, number of hits is three. Page view means number of times a page has been viewed by a visitor. Continuing above example of two graphics, number of page views will be one only while number of hits will be three. Now comes all-important term – unique visitors. Unique visitors denotes the number of visitors having hit your website. Suppose your site has been visited by 50 (different) people in 24-hour period, unique visitors are 50. Assume that 10 people have visited your site thrice in the last 24-hour period. Unique visitors will be 10, and not 30 (that will be number of page views).

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