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Conducting right interviews

Date: 06/15/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Recruiting manpower is seemingly an easy job. I have used the word ‘seemingly’. Reality is little different from the theory. Everyone talks about unemployment. Ask any small business owner about his biggest problem – he is going to talk about employees. Recruiting employees is a major problem for a business owner. 

An employer generally tries to explore two areas – skills and personality. Interview process should be used for maximum utilization of checking the personality area, and not the skills area. Interviewing process is found to be less suitable for checking the skills of the potential candidates. After all, small amount of time is always insufficient to assess the skills area of the candidate. It becomes the matter of time and day for a candidate to succeed or fail. Suitable candidate is likely to fail on the given day if skills are going to be assessed. So interviewing should be restricted to assessing the personality of the candidate. Major areas of assessment are suitability of the candidate for the job and organization. 

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