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THANK YOU to you folks for helping me realize my dream

Date: 06/19/2006 | Category: Testimonials | Author: developers

I am very happy when we receive testimonials like this one. John


Hello Sherry and Sheryl;
Just wanted to say THANK YOU to you folks for helping me realize my dream: 
BECOME INCORPORATED… and run my own corporate research firm.
You folks were prompt, professional, and very instrumental in assisting me with getting my incorporation papers
(and associated documentation) completed with the Sec’y of State in Nevada and also assisting with obtaining
approval from the IRS for an S-corporation.   I could NOT get that kind of quick, prompt, and professional service
from the other firms (names withheld) without additional expenses and hidden fees.  I wish to express my sincere
gratitude for a job well-done.   Your company does business ethically, promptly, and honestly. 
With the upcoming (pending) possibility of my government contractor position being phased out or eliminated soon,
I now look forward to (potentially) running my corporate research firm full-time with no concerns.  Until that day
becomes a reality, I operate my research firm strictly part-time in conjunction with my full-time job.   It’s the best
of both worlds! 
Again, THANK YOU for helping take my dream from “a dream…  to reality!”   
John Kidd (USN/Ret) CPC
Independent Intermediary
Business Research Specialist
Founder & President of Precise Business Research, Inc.

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