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Successful businessmen traits

Date: 06/02/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

What makes a person a success in business, while others fail way aside? Many researchers have tried to find traits that lead to success in business. No research has been able to offer conclusive findings. However, all researches have concluded on the following traits – leadership, decision making and persistence. 

Successful businessmen, starting out as small business owners are born leaders, and therefore able to see things better. This is what we call vision. Can leadership skills be developed? Experts say yes to this problem. They assert that leadership skills can be nurtured in non-leaders types. 

Successful businessmen are also excellent decision makers. This is actually related to their leadership capabilities. Their sense of data collection (information gathering) is better than others. This gives them an edge over others in a rarely found commodity called risk taking ability. 

Persistence is best found in natural leaders who are ready to take risks. It is not uncommon to find a businessman spending more hours at work than an employee. It is not because it is ‘his’ business, but it is the very trait of extra work, that make them different from employees.

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