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Is ethical organization merely a sweet talk?

Date: 06/21/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Ethics and philosophy have for long dominated the management education space. Lot of printers and painters got good business from printing and painting company’s philosophy and mission, and other not so easy to understand statements. 

Are these true? Or are these mere fashion statements to show that the organization has good number of MBA’s? May be it was the case few years back. Today the scene is different. Highest ethical standards and constructive business philosophy are governing the business domains. Consider this for an illustrative example – almost all the MNC’s are now facing major problems across the countries in the world. Common perception about these companies is that they are more interested in profiteering than people. Strong undercurrents against such corporations are resulting into stagnated sales or even declining sales in some countries. 

What does a small business have to do with this? The lesson is easy – keep your ethical values above everything else. Let your sales volumes and profits take second seat. Keep those on long term basis. The road to success will be little difficult, but it will be concrete. After all, had honesty been easy, nobody would have been dishonest.

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